The holiday home in the residential area 'Rosumarinu' near Porto Vecchio, Corsica

The picture shows the mediterranean style terrace which is located at the
front side of the vacation home. The two doors under the sun roof lead to the sleeping rooms.

The house is surrounded by a garden with local vegetation, including
corc trees and olive trees which are typical for the mediterranean island.

The picture below shows the backside of the vacation home, illustrating the
dining-patio with the sun roof.

The backside of the holiday home is surrounded by untouched nature. The picture shows the view from the dining-patio to the sea in the south-east of the peninsula
- in the direction of island group called 'Le Cerbicales'.

The pleasant living room is comfortabely furnished. A sliding glass door leads directly to the dining-patio. The dining area is located between the kitchen
and the living room and provides sufficient space, even for larger families.

The kitchen is well equipped for self-catering and serves to prepare any type of dishes,
It provides an electrically heated stove with four hot plates and oven, a dish washer
and a refrigerator with a separated freezer unit. In addition a coffe machine and an electric kettle can be used.

In general, a basic supply of spices, shugar, salt, etc. is provided.

The above pictures illustrate the sleeping rooms, the bath room with blue tiles and two wash basins

in the near surrounding is the Palombaggia beach (left), which is considered the most beatiful beach on the island of Corsica. Another outstanding beach in the area is the so-called Tahiti Plage (middle). The closest beach to the holiday home is located at the La Chiappa club facility (left). There you also find a large size swimming pool.

The left picture shows the aerial view of the La Chiappa peninsula at the golf of Porto Vecchio. The holiday home is located in the residential area on a hill behind the lighthouse. The picture to the right gives you a closer look at the La Chiappa lighthouse, which can be seen from the holiday home.